Health and Family Welfare

Health is Wealth so says our ancestral wisdom. A healthy nation is a wealthy nation. Good health of the people plays a pivotal role in the all round development of the Society. Only a healthy population can contribute productively to the overall economic growth of the country. Our state is committed to building a healthy society not only by making available quality medicare facilities available and accessible to the people but also by focusing on preventive health care and adoption of healthy life styles. Based on vital health indicators, Tamil Nadu is a front runner among the various States of India.

The State is fast emerging as a good public health model for the rest of the country, especially for maternal and child care. 99.8 percent of all deliveries in the state are conducted in institutions by qualified and trained personnel. Tamil Nadu has also achieved considerable success in combating communicable diseases like polio, leprosy and tuberculosis.

There is also significant progress in the eradication of HIV/AIDS. The Tamil Nadu State AIDS Control Society is focusing to make Tamil Nadu “AIDS free and no new Infection State” by 2012. There is an urgent need now to focus our attention on non-communicable diseases like diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular diseases and cancer which are emerging as major causes of morbidity and mortality in our society. These diseases can be tackled only by a two pronged strategy which includes creating awareness for prevention through life style as well as early detection and treatment.