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Dr.T.Prabhushankar I.A.S.

About District

Tiruvallur, a fast developing district in the southern state of Tamil Nadu. Tiruvallur a town near to Chennai city, giving it a special industrial and commercial importance. Existence of many academic institutions, production units, business establishments, religious monuments and temples further enhances the strategic importance of Tiruvallur district for the state of Tamil Nadu. This website is an attempt to open a new channel of communication between the people and the government bodies. We have tried to make it a window to the district administration.

Tiruvallur is a town located on the Chennai-Tirupathi highway, approximately forty-four kilometers from Chennai. The railway station falls mid-way between the Chennai-Arakkonam railway line. A small town, and now the district headquarter of the recently made Tiruvallur district is developing very fast. It is one of thirty-two districts in Tamil Nadu. Previously, Tiruvallur was a town in the district named Chengalpattu. Tiruvallur is the name of both the town as well as the district.

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