Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Services

Animal Husbandry department plays a major role in improving the economy of landless and poor farmers those who are maintaining livestock for their livelihood.

1. Providing efficient veterinary services through veterinary dispensary & veterinary hospitals.

2. Providing efficient Animal disease control through proper vaccination (viral and bacterial diseases) and disease forecast.

3. Providing efficient work in cattle breeding & Fodder development.

4. Providing awareness & door step services to farmers through various schemes, door step Artificial Insemination & vaccination.

Door step Artificial Insemination with good quality semen is being used improve the productivity of animals & genotypically improving the disease resistance. To improve the fertility in animals geographically tested mineral mixture is provided. During Disaster situation, animal husbandry services are provided at the door steps and proper shelter & feed are provided during disaster situation.

For Fodder development seeds, Fodder cuttings and fertilizers are provided. Fodder equipments (Chaff cutter, Grass cutter and Raingun) are provided at subsidy rate. For landless farmers those who rely upon milch animals, sheep and goat for their livelihood Insurance is provided at a subsidy rate.

Animal Husbandry department has taken up the challenge to achieve higher growth rate in animal husbandry sector by implementing several development schemes and also propagation of relevant technologies to step up the production(Integrated farming system, Infertility camps, health camps(Kpt,Iamwarm camps), Vaccination camps, Insurance schemes, Accelerated Fodder development schemes, state fodder development scheme, disease forecast etc. Animal ambulance services are provided during emergency situation at door step.