Tiruvallur District is traditionally rich in diversity of Horticulture crops such as Fruits, Vegetables, Flowers, Spices, Medicinal and Aromatics crops. Area under Horticulture crops in Tiruvallur district was 21559.8 Ha. In general, Tiruvallur district has specifically known for Mango, watermelon and Jasmine cultivation and other prominent crops under cultivation are Greens, Brinjal , Bhendi, Chillies and other vegetable crops.

In Tiruvallur, Horticulture Department functions with the main objective of tripling the farmers income and doubling the production. To increase the production, productivity and income of farmers, various scheme components like Micro Irrigation (Drip Irrigation), Supplementary water Management activities (Borewell, Conveyance pipe, Diesel/Electric Motor, Ground Level Water storage Tank) poly house construction, shade net house, project based cold storage, pack house, pre cooling unit, permanent Pandal Structure and ripening chamber, distribution of high yielding hybrid vegetable seeds, seedlings and fruit crops viz graft, layers were being implemented through Department of Horticulture and Plantation crops.

State Horticulture Farm

State Horticulture Farm was located in Ekkadukandigai village, Tiruvallur block where Quality Planting materials such as papaya seedlings, moringa seedlings and portray vegetable seedlings are produced and distributed to Farmers through Various schemes.

Schemes implemented through Department of Horticulture and Plantation crops

1. State Horticulture Development Scheme(SHDS)

    i)Area Expansion Programme

  •     Normal Planting of Fruits – 40% Subsidy :Mango cultivation – 100 Nos per hectare, Guava cultivation 277 Nos per hectare, Papaya 624 Nos per hectare planting materials has been given to farmers.
  •     Cultivation of Hybrid vegetables –Hybrid Vegetable Seeds viz., Bhendi, Gourds, and Greens distributed to farmers.
  •     Cultivation of Hybrid vegetables –Protray seedlings (Brinjal and Chillies) has been produced at State Horticulture Farms and distributed to farmers as 20000 Nos. per hectare
  •     High density planting of fruits-Guava planting materials has been given to farmers.
  •     Flower crops cultivation: For cultivating Jasmine, Crossandra, Marigold, Rose, Tuberose Planting materials given to farmers.
  •     Precision farming-Panting materials and inputs have been given as assistance to the farmers.
  •     Spices-40 % subsidy-Planting materials and inputs has been given to farmers.
  •     Vertical gardening-Rs.750/ft for 40 sq.ft has been given as subsidy to the farmers.
  •     Hydroponics-1 unit/beneficiary-50% subsidy.
  •     Cottage mushroom unit-50% subsidy-Maximum limit:1 no/beneficiary.
  •     Promotion of Intercropping:40% subsidy given to the farmers,Maximum limit:2 ha/beneficiary.
  •     Chief Minister Nutritive garden scheme kit-50% subsidy-Maximum 2 no of kits/beneficiary-required documents: any one of the ID proof.
  •     Establishing garden in govt. girls hostel-100% subsidy-Rs.8000/no’s.
  •     • Tools and implements-plstic crates, aluminium ladders, nets for safe harvesting of fruits, head lights for power picking, powered knapsack sprayers has been given to farmers at 40% subsidy.

2. National Agrticulture Development Programmee (NADP)

  •     Crop diversification from paddy to Horticulture crops-40 % subsidy
        Fruits: Banana (suckers), Mango, Guava-40 % subsidy-planting material and backend assistance has been given to farmers, Water melon-50 % subsidy.
        Vegetables through seeds-Bhendi, Brinjal, Gourds-40% subsidy-Planting materials and backend assistance has been given to farmers
        Flower crops– Marigold, Tuberose- 40 % subsidy-Planting materials has been given to farmer
        Spices-Coriander seeds-40 % subsidy-planting materials and backend assistance has been given to farmers.
  •     Area expansion of annual and perennial moringa-50 % subsidy- planting materials has been given to farmers.
  •     Area expansion of onion– 40 % subsidy- planting materials has been given to farmers.
  •     Supporting structure for horticultural crops-50% subsidy
        strong>Pandal: Rs.2 lakh/ha,Trellis-Rs.25000/ha, Weed mat-Rs.21/sq.m
  •     Revival of traditional vegetable varieties-40 % subsidy.
  •     For the farmers who were assisted under incentive of organic farming during previous year assistance of Rs.5000/ha has been given to farmers for 2nd and 3rd year maintenance and Rs.5000/ha for 1st year maintenance.
  •     Integrated pest management tools-solar trap, yellow sticky traps, pheromone trap has been given to the farmers.

3. Pradhan Mantri Krishi Sinchayee Yojana (PMKSY)

Under this scheme, to emphasis efficient use of irrigation water, farmers are being encouraged to set up micro irrigation (Drip Irrigation) facility through financial assistance of 100% subsidy to small and marginal farmers and 75% subsidy to big farmers. A beneficiary can get financial assistance up to 5 ha. Farmers who are all already benefited can also get subsidy for renew the laterals after seven years. Now, trench cutting also can be availed subsidy Rs.3000/Ha Maximum 2Ha per beneficiary.

4. Supplementary Water Management Activities (SWMA)

Other interventions of PMKSY – “Per Drop More crop” is implemented as a supplementary component of creation of Micro-water storage activities and efficient water usage in rainfed areas which is proposed to be subsumed as Supplementary Water Management Activities (SWMA)

Sl.No. Name of the activity Eligible Back-ended subsidy
1. Sinking of shallow tube well/ shallow/ medium bore well in safe blocks 50% of the total cost of installation (sinking of shallow tube well/shallow or medium bore well in safe firkas and construction of open well in hill stations /hilly areas in safe blocks) limited to Rs.25,000/- per unit
2. Installation of diesel pump set/electric motor 50% of the cost of electric/diesel pumpset including GST or Rs.15,000/- per electric/ diesel pumpset whichever is less.
3. Laying of conveyance pipes 50% of the cost of system limited to Rs. 10,000/- per ha and for not more than one Ha per beneficiary. (includes purchase of conveyance pipes, accessories with GST besides laying)
4. Construction of ground level Storage Structure (Concrete/Masonry) 50% of cost limited to Rs. 350 per cubic meter of storage capacity including protective fencing on pro rata basis. Maximum permissible assistance will be restricted to Rs.40000/- per beneficiary.

5. Kalaignar All Village Integrated Agriculture Development programme (KAVIADP)

  •     Vegetable seed kits-Rs.30/packet-8 kinds of vegetables-75 % subsidy have been given to farmers.
  •     Distribution of fruits and tree plants for bund side planting-Rs.100/kit
  •     Crop Incentive for vegetables: Rs.7500/ha

6. Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojana (PMFBY)

In our district,Banana,Red chillies,Bhendi and Brinjal crops notified to be covered under this insurance scheme. Farmers insured the crops in notified villages could get insurance amount for crop damages due to natural calamities and tremendous yield loss due to pest and diseases.

7. Tamil Nadu Irrigated Agriculture Modernization Project (TN-IAMP)

To enhance the productivity and climate resilience of irrigated agriculture, improve water management, and increase market opportunities for farmers and agro-entrepreneurs in selected sub-basin areas of Nagariyar (Pallipattu and Tiruvalangadu blocks), Nandhiyar (R.K.Pet and Tirutani blocks) & Gummidipoondi.

8. National Mission of Sustainable Agriculture (NMSA) – Rainfed Area Development (RAD-IFS)

  •     Horticulture based farming system: For an area of 1 hectare, subsidy up to Rs. 17500/- has been given for planting material and other inputs
  •     Fodder crop: Rs.800 for 10 cents has been given to farmers as assistance
  •     Apiary unit: Subsidy assistance Rs. 3200 has been given for two units as backended subsidy.
  •     Animal Husbandry: Backended Subsidy Rs. 15000 has been given for buying one Milch Cow/Buffalo, backended Subsidy Rs. 7500 has been given for buying five numbers of Goat/Sheep.
  •     HDPE vermibed: Subsidy assistance Rs.6000/unit has been given to farmers.

9. National Horticulture Mission (NHM)

Mobile vending carts,Pack house,Cold storage unit,Ripening chamber- 50 % subsidy has been given to farmers.

10. Uzhavar Sandhai:

In Tiruvallur district uzhavar sandhais are functioning in the areas of Perambakkam, Ambattur, Tiruttani, Tiruvallur, Naravarikuppam, Paruthipattu through Agricultural marketing department. Farmers can market their produces such as fruits, vegetables, flowers, natural pest management inputs in these uzhavar sandhais at free of cost.

Eligibility of Farmers

  •     Assured irrigation facilities are necessary where water usage is mandatory for the components like protected cultivation, area expansion etc.
  •     The beneficiary farmers should enclose all mandatory documents along with the application.
  •     The documents should be valid for the current period. (Latest computerised Chitta, Adangal, Field Map Plan, Passport size photo, Ration Card Xerox, Aadhar Card Xerox and Nationalised Bank Pass Book Xerox, Small/Marginal Farmer Certificate ( If Eligible-to avail 100% subsidy in micro irrigation scheme)
  •     Organic farming certificate-to avail subsidy in organic farming scheme.
  •     All the farmers who have own agriculture lands are eligible. If on lease, the lease period should be a minimum of 10 years for project based components.
  •     For more details about scheme please visit and for applying please visit and click tn-hortnet and proceed for registration and farmers can apply through UZHAVAN APP available in play store.

Deputy Director of Horticulture


Tiruvallur –Horticulture Department Staff details
DDH Tmt. I. Jebakumari Annie 9994094030
email ID &
ADH PM Selvi.R.Iswarya 7010288845
HO Tech GOI Tmt.P.Indhumathi 7845823940
HO Tech SS Tmt.V.Sobana 9942659155
Sl. No. Name of the Block Assisstant Director of Horticulture Contact No. Horticulture Officer Contact No.
1. R.K. Pet Thiru.P. Manikandan 8870739991 Selvi.M.Jagadeeshwari 8838767797
2. Pallipattu Thiru.P. Manikandan (i/c) 8870739991 Thiru.M.K. Narayanasamy 9442943312
3. Tiruthani Tmt.C.Gomathi 7904684006 Thiru.A.K.Annnadurai 8778998342
4. Thiruvalangadu Thiru.N.Sarathkumar 9282413438 Selvi.M.Premalatha 9677800942
5. Tiruvallur Tmt.C.Gomathi (i/c) 7904684006 Selvi.M.Jagadeeshwari(i/c) 8838767797
6. Ellapuram Tmt.Poornima 9790171116 Selvi.A.Sadhana 8778651947
7. Kadambathur Tmt.Poornima(i/c) 9790171116 Thiru.K.Nagarajan 8939224681
8. Poondi Thiru.N.Sarathkumar(i/c) 9282413438 Selvi.M.Premalatha(i/c) 9677800942
9. Poonamallee Tmt.K.Sheela Devi 8825748432 Tmt.P.Marxmathi 9578668649
10. Ambathur Tmt.K.Sheela Devi (i/c) 9282413438 Tmt.P.Marxmathi 9578668649
11. Puzhal Selvi.T.Dhivya(i/c) 9566272112 Selvi.T.Dhivya(i/c) 9566272112
12. Sholavaram Tmt.S.Shanthini(i/c) 9444688080 Selvi.A.Sadhana 8778651947
13. Gummidipoondi Selvi.T.Dhivya(i/c) 9566272112 Selvi.T.Dhivya 9566272112
14. Minjur Tmt.S.Shanthini(i/c) 9444688080 Thiru.C.Suresh 9840716473
15. State Horticulture Farm, Ikkadu kandigai Tmt.C.Gomathi (i/c) 7904684006 Selvi.S.Indhupriya 8903615722