Bonded Labour System (Abolition)

Related Government Orders

      1. Bonded Labour System (Abolition) Act 1976 (PDF 171 KB)

      2. Central Sector Schemes for rehabiliation of Bonded Labour 2016 (CSS) (PDF 6 MB)

      3. Cental Sector Schemes – Enhancement of the rehabilaition amount (PDF 36KB)

      4. Central Sector Schemes- Modification letter Dated – 23 June 2017 (PDF 136KB)

      5. State Action Plan for Bonded Labour TN 2017 (PDF 2 MB)

      6. State Action Plan for Bonded Labour -Amendment 2018 (PDF 299 KB)

      7. Instruction on District Action Plan 2017 (PDF 178 KB)

      8. Standard Operating Procedure for Bonded Labour (SOP) 2019 (PDF 1 MB)

      9. Instruction for Police regarding Human Trafficing- 370 IPC

      10. Instruction for Police regarding Filling of evidence in Bonded Labour cases (PDF 211 KB)

      11. Instruction for RDO’s regarding filling of vital documents in bonded labour cases (PDF 728 KB)

      12. GO on Section 21 for trial of cases to be conducted in JM & Sessions Court (PDF 132 KB)

Related Forms

      1. Process in identificaiton of Bonded labour Cases (PDF 37 KB)

      2. Questionnarie for Spot enquiry at worksite- identification of Bonded labour SOP (PDF 36 KB)

      3. Checklist of Evidence to be Seized at worksite (PDF 35 KB)

      4. Inquiry Form Format CSS (PDF 37 KB)

      5. Release Certificate format CSS (PDF 27 KB)

      6. Assessment form for Rehabiliation of Bonded Labourers (PDF 19 KB)

      7. Rescue Memo to filled as per SOP (PDF 27 KB)

      8. Coordination Letter sent by RDO to RDO of Native District (PDF 39 KB)

      9. Protection Petition Letter from RDO office to Police Station (PDF 32 KB)

      10. Content for-Police complaint (PDF 40 KB)