Swachh Bharat Mission (Gramin)

Date : 02/10/2014 - | Sector: Rural Development

Government of India with an objective of accelerating sanitary coverage in rural areas introduced Swachh Bharat Mission (Gramin) to create Open Defecation Free Panchayats with the following objectives.

Main Objective of ODF

ODF Definition

  1. No visible faeces found in the environment / village
  2. Every household as well as public/community institutions using safe technology option for disposal of faeces.(Tip: Safe technology option means no contamination of surface soil, ground water or surface water; excreta inaccessible to flies or animals; no handling of fresh excreta; and freedom from odor and unsightly condition).
  3. Achievement of ODF involves to a great extent work of behavior change. First and foremost requirement for sustainability is that the community is actively engaged in Planning and achievement of ODF at active Partners. The Village should have addressed all entities pertaining to stoppage of Open Defecation.
  4. Rigorous ODF Verification
  5. In all Villages the maintenance of School and Anganwadi toilets should be regularly monitored and school sanitation club activities should be continued for sustainability.
  6. Cleanliness of public water bodies, solid and liquid waste management in all households, maintenance of school and anganwadi toilets, hand washing and personal hygiene should be undertaken as a part of SBM(G) in convergence with other schemes.
  7. Incentive mechanism for motivators to enable them to carry out this activities.
  8. Capacity building and training on community approaches to motivators CRP (Sanitation) CP (Sanitation) VPRC /PLF.
  9. Continuous Tracking of the activities of Motivators in the attached Village Panchayat by Block.
  10. The erstwhile places of Open defecation may be develop for planting trees including trees considered as sacred so as to dissuad from defecating there.
As per the above guidelines Thiruvallur District has attained ODF status in the Month of February 2018
No. of Blocks No. of Village Panchayats No. of Village Panchayats Declared ODF No. of Village Panchayats to be Declared ODF
14 526 526 0

Community Sanitary Complex

85 Sanitary Complexes have been completed at an estimate cost of Rs.2,00,000/-per unit, with the Total expenditure is Rs.190.00 lakhs.

Integrated Women Sanitary Complex

During the period from 2001 to 2004 530 IWSCs have been constructed in each Village Panchayat @ an estimate cost of Rs. 113.95 Lakhs. in 750 Sq.Feet with components of 8 Indian toilets 1 Western toilet with handle to facilitate differently abled persons, Baby friendly toilet 2 Bathrooms with strorage dub and washing stone. A sintex tank 2500 Litres capacity has also been provided. During the year 2011 – 2012 all these 530 Sanitary complexes have been renovated @ a cost of Rs. 644.84 Lakhs.

The village Panchayat shall ensure the availability of Electricity Connection. The current consumption charges and regular maintenance also to be borne by the Vilage panchayats. The regular Maintenance of IWSCs are monitored through the user groups from among the SHG members and habitation level forums. The nominal contribution given by the user groups have created a perception of ownership and facilitated sustainability of the complex.

A District level and Block level monitoring committee has been constituted to monitor the functional status of each and every IWSC at regular intervals.

Integrated Men Sanitary Complex

During the year 2012-2013, 29 IMSCs have been constructed in 29 identified needy Village Panchayats at an estimated cost of Rs.131.80 lakhs. Allotment has been made in the first phase for the construction of 2 numbers of IMSCs in each of the 14 Panchayat Unions in Tiruvallur district for the use of men and children with Plinth area of 570 sq.ft and at an estimate cost of Rs.4.00 lakhs. Every sanitary complex will have the facilities of 6 Indian toilets, one European closet with the handle for the convenience of elders and differently abled persons, baby friendly toilet for the children, bath room with mug, water storage tub and washing stone for washing clothes. Deep Bore-well along with sintex tank with a capacity of 2000 liters of water has been provided for arranging water facility in the sanitary complex.Ramp facility for the benefit of physically challenged persons is also provided in the complex.User group for 29 IMSCs have been formed and subscription fee @ Rs.20 per family is collected for the upkeep of the sanitary complex. In those Panchayats where there is space constraints for construction of individual house hold toilets, such people find it convenient to make use of these toilets and this will go a long way in completely eradicating open defecation.

School Toilets

During the last 7 years totally 1418 school toilets have been constructed and put into usage and 103 School Toilets have been taken up during the year 2012-2013 and completed under NBA at an estimated cost of Rs. 35,000/-per each toilet. The total expenditure is Rs 36.05 lakhs.

School Toilet Maintenance

In the G.O.(Ms) No. 79 Rural Development and Panchayat Raj (CGS-1) Department, dated14.07.2017, sanitary workers are engaged in all Govt. Schools for cleaning the School Toilet, Class Rooms and School premises of Panchayat Union / Middle School and Government Schools located in rural areas. The consolidated monthly amount paid at the following rates by the Village Panchayat / PTA /Head Master concern on outsourcing basis through VPRC or PLF.

Anganwadi Toilets

During the last 7 years totally 1693 Anganwadi toilets have been constructed . 973 Anganwadi Toilets have already been constructed at an estimate cost of Rs. 175.14 Lakhs. @ Rs. 8,000/- Per Toilet. At present the unit cost has been increased to Rs.18,000/- per toilet and 720 Anganwadi Toilets have been constructed at this unit cost and put into use for Children.

Motivators engaged

In 526 Panchayats Motivators have been identified. Block Level & Panchayat Level Training has also been given through Master Trainer.

Motivators refreshing training has been completed on 01.11.2017 & 03.11.2017 at SIRD with support of UNICEF & FEED BACK FOUNDATION ( Ajay Sinha) . 87 Motivators of 14 Blocks have been Participated. Motivators has also completed the training in all Panchayats on 01.12.2017.

The motivators are involved not only in creating awareness in construction of toilets but also to monitor at regular basis for its usage and sustainability.