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Chembarambakka, a Village, situated about 21 km. to the west of Chennai, in five km. from the nearest town Poonamallee. One could see plenty of buses passing through this place enroute to the destinations like Kancheepruam, Sriperumbudur, Vellore, Bangalore, etc. Pattabiram, the nearest railway station is about 11 km. from here.

An ancient Siva Temple cold be seen here in a dilapidated condition. The walls of the temple are adorned with inscriptions of the Chola period. A huge beautiful Sivalingam is seen inside the santum which is, of course, in a ruined state. This temple is found in the south eastern corner of the village now. The Village, it is said, was to the south of the temple and in course of time, people settled in the place to the north of the temple towards the trunk road. The religious belief that the existence of a Siva temple towards south east corner of a village is not a good omen to the people perforced a futile attempt to shift the temple. This is the reason attributed for the neglect of the temple. Separate temples coexist for Vishnu, Mariamman and Pooniamman where regular daily poojas are performed.

'Chem' in Tamil means beautiful, 'Parambu' means hiss and 'pakkam' refers to village. Therefore, 'Chembarambakkam' means 'a beautiful hill village'. It was an ex-zamindari village.

The village has an immense irrigation tank which derives supply from anicut thrown across Cooum at Koratur through new Bungaur channel. The water from this tank is not used for irrigating this village but the Mangadu village down below.