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Municipality Name Post Reserved for Name of the Elected Members Ward Number Party Name Phone No.
Avadi Chairman General  S.M. Nasar DMK 9840656565 044-26557878
Vice-Chairman    M. Sekar 40 DMK 9841471132
Tiruvallur Chairman General  Baskaran   AIADMK 9443017064
Vice-Chairman    N. Radhakrishnan 2 AIADMK 9444780700
(IIIrd Grade Municipality)
Chairman General  G.R. Thirumalai     9841033327
Vice-Chairman    M. Ravikumar 9 DMK 9444925577
(IIIrd Grade Municipality)
Chairman General  T. Soundarajan     9443385873
Vice-Chairman    M. Masilamani 3 AIADMK 9003513023
(IIIrd Grade Municipality)
Chairman SC(General)  T. Mahandran     9841337376
Vice-Chairman    A.J. Paul 4 INC 9840431707