Agricultural Activities

The main occupation of the district is agriculture and allied activities Nearly 47% of the total work force is engaged in the agricultural sector.

Some of the crops grown here enlist Paddy, Sugar-cane, Bajira, Chilly, Groundnut, Gingerly. For irrigation of crops, deep bore wells, lake reservoirs and well reservoirs are majorly used

Total cultivated Area (Ha)184198
Net Area Sown (Ha)136648
Area Sown more than once (Ha)50550
Cropping Intensity134.8%

The major crops grown in the district are rice, cumbu - ragi, green gram, black gram, sugar cane and groundnut. Apart from this, certain horticultural crops like mango, guava and vegetables have also bean cultivated successfully. The average area, production and productivity of the Principal crops are as follows:

(Graph) Principal crops in Tiruvallur District

Principal CropsArea
Green Gram66004013
Black Gram27911317


Apart from seasonal rivers like Kesathaliar, Aravar, Nandi, Kallar, Coovam and Buckhingham Canal there is no perennial river in the district. Since these seasonal rivers are not sufficient, irrigation through tanks, tube wells and open wells are very common.

(Graph) Irrigation of Tiruvallur District

Source of IrrigationArea in ha
Tube Well33188
Other Sources1846
Net Area Irrigated110266
Gross Area Irrigated145269

Animal Husbandry and Fisheries

Animal husbandry is a subsidiary occupation of the district due to the presence of a number of small and marginal farmers. Presently, there are four Government Schemes in operation Viz., Backyard poultry farm, Buffalo Rearing Scheme, Special Animal Husbandry Programme and special campaign to protect animals. There are 5 Veterinary Hospitals, 24 Veterinary Dispensaries, 77 sub-centres and 14 mobile veterinary units catering to the needs of the farming community.

The total coastal area of the district is about 49803 ha and has a coast line of 80 kms for marine fisheries. Prawn/shrimp culture is famous at the coast line of Gummidipoondi and Minjur. The total fish production is to the tune of 11372 tonnes.