Rural Development Department

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Head of officeBlock Development Officer (Commissioner)

The main object of Rural Development Department is to provide Basic Amenities to Rural people and to implement various Development schemes like road works. Drinking Water , street Lights , Construction of School Buildings etc. it plays an Important role in the up liftment of rural unemployed people especially Below Poverty Line and SC/ ST people , by providing Integrated Rural Development Programme Loans , TAHDCO Loans , Self Sufficiency Schemes . Also many Women welfare Schemes and Children Welfare Schemes like DWCRA, Moovalur Ramamirtham Ammaiyar Ninaivu Thirumana Udavi Thittam , Iru pen Kuzhandaigal Thittam, and Anjugam Ammaiyar Kalappu Thirumana Udavi Thittam, are implemented by This Departmenr , Also it motivates savings among rural people by conducting R.D. Camps and pay Roll Savings Schemes.

Public Services provided by the Office/Department

Panchayat Development

Head of officePA to Collector (Panchayat Development)
Office addressCollectorate, Tiruvallur

Providing water supply and drainage Street Light Maintenance though the Panchayat Providing Comprise water supply works formation .and Maintenance of Roads Contraction of School and panchayat Buildings and Bridges, Strengthening of M-I-Tanks , Constriction of Group House to in weaker ( All Communities ) and Contraction of Govt. aids to in Poor Familiars under Moovalar Ramamirtham Ammaiyar Tirumana Udavithittam.

Public Services provided by the Office/Department

Improvement of Panchayat management and Department of Works - Link Roads, Bridges, Buildings, Water Supply. Women and children development.