National Informatics Centre (NIC)

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(Photo) District Informatics Center, Tiruvallur District

District Informatics Centre, Tiruvallur District



National Informatics Centre (NIC) is a premier Information Technology Organization in India, which is committed to providing state-of-the-art solutions for the IT needs of the Government of India at all levels. NIC carries the distinction of being the largest IT organization in the country and has set up a satellites based nationwide computer communication network, called NICNET. With over 1,200 nodes connecting the national capital, the state capitals and the District Headquarters to one another. The IT services of NIC range from Consultancy, Software Design, Development, Office Automation and Networking Services to Training, Video Conferencing, CAD, EDI, Multimedia and Internet Services including Web site Development and Hosting. NIC has a nationwide presence, with its offices spread all across the Country, from Leh to Andaman & Nicobar Islands.


The Organizational set up of NIC encompasses its Headquarters at New Delhi, State Units in all the 29 state capitals and 6 Union Territory Headquarters and District Centers in more than 540 Districts of India. The Organization employs a large pool of efficient technical manpower. At the NIC headquarters, a large number of Application Divisions exist which provide total Informatics support to the Ministries and Department of the Central Government, IC Computer cells are located in almost all the Ministry Bhavans of the Central Government and Apex Offices including the Prime Minister's Office, the Rashtrapati Bhavan and the Parliament Divisions at the Headquarters, which specialize into different areas of IT and facilitate the Application Divisions as well as other NIC Centers in providing State-of-the-art services to the Government. At the State level, NIC State Centers provide informatics support to their respective State Government and at the District level lie the NIC District Informatics Offices which strive hard to provide effective informatics support to the Development, Revenue and Judiciary administrator of the District. In the order to promote Information Technology in the country, focusing on INTERNET Technology based Value-added Services in the area of Industry, Business and Commerce, NIC has also established 11 National Information Technology Promotional Units (NITPUs) at Major industrial/commercial citiesThese centers provide Video-Conferencing facilities, EDI Services and other INTERNET Technology based services over NICNET.


The range of service providing by these units include The spectrum of services provided by NIC encompasses various dimensions of the Information Technology Arena and can be broadly listed as under