Forest Department

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Head of Office Designation : District Forest Officer.

Office address : District Forest Office, Tiruvallur Division, Master Plan Complex, Tiruvallur.

Brief description about the Department

This Forest division was formed as Wasteland Development Division as per G.O. Ms. No. 844, Forest and Fisheries Dt. 21.07.1988. The Nomenclature of Wasteland Development was changed as "INTERFACE FORESTRY DIVISION" As per G.O. 307 Environment and Forest Dt. 11.01.1991 onwards Tamil Nadu Afforestation Programme is being implemented by this Division apart from maintaining of Forest plantations raised under Social Forestry scheme. As per G.O. Ms. No. 97 E & F Dt. 30.03.04. This Division is upgraded as Territorial Division from 23.11.2005. The total extent of Reserved Forests and Reserve Lands are 19791 Ha protected by this Division. About 1800 Ha of Reserve Lands, notified under section 26 of Tamil Nadu Forest Act are also under active consideration for declaration of Reserve Forest. These Lands are in bits and pieces spreading over the District. The total No. of blocks are 108.

Public services provided by the Office / Department

It is functioning as Territorial Division. Tamil Nadu Afforestation Programe is being implemented from 1997-98 onwards.


National Afforestation Programe is being implemented from 2004-05 up to 2007-08.


Emergency Tsunami Reconstruction Project scheme (assisted by World bank) was also implemented from 2005-06 to 2008-09. Maintaining of this work still continued.